Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Process

Maintaining a clean and efficient kitchen exhaust system is essential for the safety and well-being of any commercial kitchen. Not only does it help prevent fire hazards and improve air quality, but it also extends the lifespan of the system. However, cleaning a kitchen exhaust system is not an easy task, and it requires the expertise of a professional cleaning service. That's where Averus West comes in with our simple 3 step process!

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#1 Schedule Your Appointment

Nothing is simpler, because our appointments revolve around your team and your schedule. And you don’t have to mark your calendar, because we’ve already marked ours. When your service is due, we’ll call you. Of course, you can always call and speak with your dedicated customer service team at Averus West at 800-862-5173 to schedule service whenever you like. Should you have an emergency, a flare-up or system actuation, call us and our crews will be on the way.

#2 Confirm Appointment And Services

The day of your service, our team will contact you as a quick reminder of our arrival time and expected cleaning duration. If you are part of our Key/Code program for cold-entry, this is our reminder to please remove food or cooking items from the service area. We will also work with you and any security or property managers to prepare for the necessary access to the ductwork and roof for that evening. Often we will do those things for you, in the background; one less thing you need to worry about. We also provide Certificates of Insurance as needed.

#3 Techs Perform Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Our technicians follow a step-standard process developed over the past 30 years. While your teams are away, we quickly get to work using our proprietary service best practices to efficiently clean every accessible area of your exhaust system. As we’ve done for over 15 years, all systems are thoroughly documented with pictures as service progresses.

These pictures help us to identify any items of concern or areas that need additional access for thorough cleaning. We use pictures as part of our own internal quality control processes, we also make them available to customers in real time, with online access to our AverNet reporting tool, through auto-generated email, and on your invoice. Our technicians follow NFPA 96, work within developed best practices, and are trained to communicate and identify deficiencies.

1, 2, 3 & Done!

Upon completion, our goal is to leave the area where we were servicing your system in the same condition we found it and better. We will apply a complementary Shine Treatment to stainless steel hood exteriors that are free of any documents or other items. We leave your filters out of the hood in order to highlight the service area and so your team can review the cleanliness of the plenum and ductwork.

The purpose of KEC isn’t to clean filters or floors, but to clean the accessible areas of your plenum, ductwork, and fans. We also turn your fan on to aid in moisture evaporation within the ductwork.

We’ll provide you with an invoice, it can be mailed or emailed, billed on a PO management system or batched to a corporate office, all based on your needs and preference. And finally, if we found any items that were deficient or in disrepair, we will send you a notice via our Deficiency Reporting Program.

Third Party Inspection Reporting

When we are finished and generate our inspection reports, we commonly upload the results for our customers, to web-based service platforms, such as The Compliance Engine, Kugadi, FireMate, Inspectorio, BuildingReports and others.

Why Choose Averus?

Comprehensive On-Site Evaluation Provided

  • Comprehensive quotes for kitchen exhaust and fire prevention
  • Detailed system review with picture documentation
  • NFPA-based recommendation for exhaust system cleaning cycle
  • Identification of situations that may require corrective action
  • A detailed service program customized to fit your specific needs

Count on The Red Carpet Treatment

  • Professional, courteous and efficient customer service associates
  • Flexible scheduling process to meet your specific needs
  • Predetermined service appointments available
  • Averus West teams are available 24/7 for emergency response

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Averus West recipe for success combines three key ingredients: state of the art cleaning equipment, chemicals and proven techniques. This ensures that your entire system is thoroughly cleaned top to bottom:

  • Exhaust Hood Plenum
  • Accessible Horizontal and Vertical Ductwork
  • Grease Exhaust Fans

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